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Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ

We have so many expectations of we think love should be.
Love is red roses and boxed chocolate.
Love thinks we’re perfect.
We think Love is perfect.
Love is marriage material and comes complete with a packaged baby carriage.
Obviously, Love is prepared for us.
And of course, there’s only one Love out there in the world for each of us.


Not necessarily.

We weren’t prepared for Love to be another girl (or another boy).
We weren’t expecting Love to be so obviously flawed.
Love isn’t the flower type. And Love doesn’t like chocolate.
Love doesn’t think they’re every gonna be ready for marriage, let alone kids.
And personally, I think there’s definitely more than one Love out there for all of us.

Regardless of all of our missed expectations, Love is still breathtaking and wonderful and gracious. Love amazes us all the time.

Love is holding each other’s hands while sitting in content silence.
Love is sharing the last handful of Hot Cheetos.
Love is awkward first kisses.
Love is laughing at each other’s farts, and Love is having a belching war after meeting the family for the first time.
Love is playing video games with the little brothers.
Love is adoring the mother, respecting the father, and teasing the siblings.
Love is hands gently roaming and mouths tenderly fused together.
Love is awkward compliments and bashful eyes.
Love is cheesy pick up lines and surprise flowers.

Love isn’t perfect.

Love has scars and bad memories and things that remind them of other people.

We have those too.

Love isn’t about being perfect for each other. Love is about being there for each other.

And I think we’re doing just fine at that.

"Love is…"

T.A. lucentphantasms.tumblr.com

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do you ever feel like you need to listen to a certain song otherwise you’ll explode


Really bored, did a Ponyo doodle page. Ponyo would definitely be one of my most favoured Ghibli films.

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